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Servicing & Restoration

What is biasing and is it only on valve amps?

Biasing is the term given to the adjustment of the output devices.  Many people believe that only valve amps are biased, this is a bit of a myth.  To understand biasing we need to understand that to make a full wave we need drivers for the plus part of the […]

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Thermography in repair and servicing amplifiers

mosfet thermal imaging

Heat can cause a big problem in amplifiers, power supplies and in fact all electronic devices. Heat can be caused by and cause drift on tolerances, component behaviour and complete failure as well as sound difference on solid state amplifiers. We now use thermal imaging to show us component temperatures […]

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Burnt resistor from damaged valve

burnt resistor as result of poor servicing

Servicing helps prevent breakdowns by ensuring everything is working within its limits.   Regularly checking of valve biasing can avoid an amp being continually overloaded and stressing the amp out.  This resistor had burned and blew as a result of the valves going short and damaging.  The remaining valve was […]

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Exploding capacitors!

Electrolytic capacitor blown in psu

Capacitors can dry out and fail due to age, and heat.   Capacitors can dry out over time, however can progressively age quicker due to heat.  In Electrolytic capacitors the electrolyte is a liquid and can boil and expand under stress, either heat, drying or excessive voltage.  The picture shows […]

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What do i need PAT tested and how often?

band PAT testing

PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) is carried out to ensure equipment plugged into a mains supply is electrically and mechanically in a sound condition. There is a visual element, and a combined visual and electrical testing to complete the full test. The actual requirement for needing a Portable Appliance Test is […]

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who is PAT?

Portable appliance testing can be carried out at your premises if local (terms apply) or you can bring them to our workshop   Our prices are not as low as the big PAT companies out there but they generally require a minimum testing of 1000 items, we have no minimum […]

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Band PAT Testing Costs

We have split the portable appliance testing costs into two options to give you the most cost effective solution.  If you only have a few items you can bring them to our workshop to test, or if it is inconvenient to bring everything to us in one go, we can […]

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Vintage Amplifier Servicing

Vintage Equipment Service We mainly service valve amplifiers and pianos and often find they all have the same issues, crackles, humming and just generally messy inside from years of DIY repairs.  We’re able to restore 99% of equipment as long as we can find spares either from our stocks or […]

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