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Standard Guitar Amp Service & Repair Costs

We have created a basic guide to the cost of servicing and repairs for guitar and bass amplifiers.  We like to be as transparent as possible in our pricing structure, and rather than quoting on an hourly basis alone we prefer to give you a rough overall cost.  It is important to understand this is based on a straight forward repair.  


Why don’t we give our hourly rate?

An hourly rate is all very well and good but this does not take the engineer’s experience into account.  We could tell you our prices are £15 per hour, but the engineer would take 5 hours to repair, whereas if we charged £75 per hour or guide price job what really is the difference?  


We have a lot of experience and offer great value for money, providing as transparent as possible our costs, and if we need to go beyond the first service fee our estimates are generally about 90% accurate for the final cost.

Solid State Amp Service

A comprehensive testing and inspection of solid state amplifiers to make sure they're ready to rock.
£ 85
  • Visual Inspection inside
  • Cleaning of all controls with DeOxit Cleaner
  • Airline cleaning of internal dust Fan & Heatsink
  • Thermographic check for temperature instabilities
  • Visual check for Solder Joints
  • Load testing to at least 50% saturation for 1/2 hour

Portable Appliance Testing

Make sure your playing safe. Equipment Receives unique pass stickers for each appliance as well as a PDF certificate which is often required by venues to prove electrical safety.
£ 5 per item
  • Full visual & Electrical Testing
  • Green Pass sticker on each item
  • PDF copy Certificate
  • Identify problems

Valve Amp Service

A comprehensive testing and inspection of valve amplifiers to make sure they're in tip top condition.
£ 95
  • Checking of storage capacitors
  • Checking coupling capacitors
  • Internal visual check
  • Thermographic check for overheating
  • Visual check of Solder joints where accessible
  • Preamp Valve check
  • Power Amp Valve check
  • Cleaning of cracking Pots & Controls with DEoxit cleaner

Popular Parts replaced:

Below is a list of popular items we regularly get asked for cost.  This will allow you to add the service cost(above) and the below parts to give you a very rough estimate. 

We have limits that we will repair upto without further authorisation from you and can be found in our terms and conditions however we do always try to remain economical.  If we think it’s going to be unrealistic then we will let you know before you get an incredibly unrealistic bill. Please ensure you’ve understood this and the rates.  Any item brought to us for repair will automatically charged the minimum of an hour to cover our inspection and bench fees.  Should you not wish to proceed with a repair we will still charge.