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About Piano and Synth Repair in Harlow Essex

If you’ve ever looked at the underside you will notice all the screws on modern pianos, these very in length and even once you’ve got inside very few pianos have the same parts! 

We keep a range of Yamaha products on the shelf, and obtain other spares usually within 5-7 working days. We handle all kinds of electric pianos to vintage synths such as Roland Junos, right up to modern Clavinova uprights and baby grand pianos.

Manufacturer Support

As a Yamaha warranty service centre we can supply original parts for most Yamaha electric Pianos.

We’re also able to support Korg, Roland, Casio with access to original spares.


Generally manufacturers support spares and replacement parts for  pianos under 10 years old, we are often able to repair older pianos using compatible parts and some manufacturers provide much longer support.  Unfortunately if a part such as a key is discontinued we are unable to repair a broken key as the repairs don’t generally tend to last.

Keys removed in a Yamaha Electric Piano being repaired
Rubber membrane contact in electric piano

Common faults repaired on electric pianos

One key louder than the rest.

-Sustain pedal issues where they have broken or had the cables damaged.

-Broken keys or complete keys missing

-Rotary selectors that are a bit hit and miss
-Internal Battery Replacement

Transportation & where we repair

In 90% of the cases electric pianos can be separated from the base and surprising to many people fit in a standard hatchback car with the back seats down.  We can offer support on splitting the piano from the base if you are struggling.

We don’t usually carry out site repairs due to not being able to carry every spare and tool needed to carry out the repair. Also we require quite a bit of space to strip down the piano.  In the event us not carrying the part we would need to make a return journey at a later date with the piano fully open to enable repair.

If you struggle to get your piano to us, we can come out and collect using our van.  This will attract a cost for each journey and will depend on where you are based and availability.

Such delivery services are offered as a priority to churches, Schools, Colleges.

We travel up to 20 miles for repairs. Excluding London.

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