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How many days will my repair take at Sickamps?

When booking in a repair you may see the box Priority, with the following options:

  • Low 10- 15 days
  • Medium 6-9 days
  • High 2-5 days
  • Emergency Same 1 day (Surcharge apply)
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We will always try and honour these timescales and they are based on working week days.  

These times can vary on the level of current repairs and also lead times for replacement parts, our system automatically schedules the repairs base on priority and order.


Our workshop has a pretty good stock of many common parts and components, including pots, valves, Yamaha keys and contacts.


We pride our service on being one of the quickest repair centres locally for equipment ranging from a modern warranty repair through to a 1960’s valve amp, or 80’s synth.


On average over a year around 80% of repairs being completed within 5 working days.


By booking an emergency priority we will try to entertain a same day repair, the repair may be delayed if we need to order parts in.


Please note that an emergency priority repair attracts a surcharge of 50% the final repair cost to cover the disruption to other repairs regardless of how long it takes to repair or delay caused by parts ordered in.  This is to cover the disruption made when pulling other repairs off the bench and out of hours time to continue normal repairs.


We may quote a rough repair time to build an estimate for you.  This does not mean that you can wait around for an hour for us to repair as the repair will be scheduled in.


Keeping an efficient service.

Our service is one of the quickest around, and we believe this is made possible through integration of a traditional electronics repair shop, crossed with a modern driven website and management system behind the scenes.

Many popular questions are already answered on this website, along with clear price structure.  We operate as transparent as possible and provide you with up to the minute details of when we are waiting for spares, the exact status and problems we find.

When we have your equipment in please use the ticketing system either email or online portal to ask questions or to see updates.  Simply put if the status has not changed in a day or so, it’s likely we’ve not got anything more to tell you! 

If we have any adverse delay or parts are out of stock with our distributors we will always inform you and try to give you an estimated timescale.  Unfortunately the teething problems with Brexit is causing considerable delay at ports for parts coming from Europe, adding between 3 and 5 working days.  

Ready to Repair?

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