General Electronics Repair

Specialist electronics repair, fully equipped workshop & SMD rework facilities

At Sickamp we have a plethora of experience in old valve guitar amplifier electronics repair, this usually includes working with lethal voltages. Sickamps are fully equipped with the tools and ability to repair all kinds of unusual electronics. When considering an unusual repair, we follow a set of simple rules, laid out below:- 

a) Ability to get parts

b) The repair being economical for you 

c) Getting hold of, where necessary, schematic circuit diagrams from the manufacturers.   

d) The item not be damaged to the extent that it is more like a new build than a repair

We have often taken projects people buy from eBay which people have good intentions to build Unfortunately the complexity of understanding and adapting schematic layout to actual real life component and board placement isn’t taken into account but we can help!

Items we have built include Metal detectors, Sonic sound detectors and Magnetic paranormal detectors to name a few.

 Typical electronics project assistance costs and availability 

If you have a project that you have the parts for and need somebody to fit it, want to have some soldering carried out for example to change LED’s or switches then do please get in contact.