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Warranties on repairs - workshop and onsite

Workshop repairs

We warranty all our repairs for a period of 2 months from repair date, not collection date.  Returns must be brought back to us within the window for repair. 

Claim must be made by opening the original ticket, or opening a new ticket making reference to the old ticket.  This is done by logging onto the repair portal.

The Warranty will cover the workshop time against the original fault reported and the actual repair carried out.  Material cover will be at the discretion of the repairer and may or may not be covered.  Items such as Valves and loudspeakers we are unable to offer warranty on as they are classed as consumable items and can be easily damaged through no control of us.

Amplifiers serviced are excluded from warranty, likewise if equipment is repaired it does not automatically have a blanket cover warranty on any fault not associated with the original reported and discovered fault. If the original fault reappears within the warranty period and causes further damage we will only warrant the repaired part.  Further damage will be charged at standard workshop rates. If additional is required time past the initial minimum charge to continue fault finding or additional parts required this will be billed after the repair.  In this instance it would be no different to a nominal repair requiring the full time.

Repairs under warranty (either Sickamps or on behalf of Manufactures)  are excluded from any fast track service.  Our nominal terms of service will apply for all repairs. 

On site repair

We do not offer any warranty to on site repairs. We will stay for as long as needed to ensure equipment is fully tested by the user to ensure they are happy with the work carried out.

Further issues will be charged as a continuation of repair service and as such a standard on site rate charge will apply. We have adopted this policy due to covering travel cost and time out of workshop where other equipment could also be repaired.

Manufacturer Warranty repairs 

Repairs carried out on behalf of manufacturers are excluded from any warranty offered. 

EXCLUSIONS of warranty

 Servicing of equipment as we are unable to offer a blanket warranty for equipment. 

Items brought to us with symptoms of intermittent behaviour or when tested we’re unable to find a fault or replicate the issue experienced; the warranty will only apply to any parts used or faults actually observed. We will continue to charge by the hour in investigate further until the fault shows and is repaired.

We’re unable to offer warranty to any speaker cones/ drivers or Valves once fitted as we’re unable to verify that they are being used correctly and can easily be damaged.

We will not provide any form of warranty for any repair/ service where parts have been supplied to us to fit. 

Where we have been limited or told how much or little we are allowed to change. I.E. deciding not to carry out recommended action. 

Any item showing damage since it was in for repair including loose screws, tampering, breaking of seals. 

Faults or issues which have not been disclosed at point of booking in repair.

Items showing signs of liquid damage during inspection will be excluded from any warranty cover once repaired.

All Warranties offered are at the discretion of Sickamps.  Claim and cover may be refused without notice or reason..


All Warranties offered are at the discretion of Sickamps.  Claim and cover may be refused without notice or reason.

Full warranty information available to view on our full T&C https://sickamps.com/terms-and-conditions