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Workshop Prices - Repair and Service

In order to provide a streamline service and be completely up front with our costing structure we have split them into sections which you can find below for your equipment type and is the “minimum fee”.  Individual cases may require custom costs and will be given in the repair tickets as an estimate to you.

Finer details about costs

Once a piece of equipment has been brought to the workshop and booked in on our system as “Received at workshop”, the minimum hour service fee applies for the equipment.  This covers our time to manage the ticket and goes towards the diagnostics and attempt to repair.  Around 80% of a repair is first in the diagnostics, the remainder 20% is the remedial or repair work.

If we find nothing wrong with the equipment or the issue isn’t something we can repair or control the minimum cost still applies.

Any work we do is charged, we do not provide free quotes or no repair no fee options.  Our service provides great value, and that value should be recognised.

As electronics can be complex and there be multiple issues attached to a fault all prices indicated in this guide and via tickets is always expressed as Estimates. This means that the costs are not final and may be subject to change through extra materials, extra time etc.  

We do not “negotiate” costs based on another repairer charging X per hour, we find this is a terrible way to compare.  If we are twice as fast as the other repairer and charging twice as much, there is no difference apart from on the face of it we look twice as expensive! It is hard to measure skillset! 

Fast track repairs

We offer fast track services, and in some emergency situations same day if practical. Fast track details can be found here and emergency cases will be handled on a case by case matter.