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Technics 1210 service & Repair costs

Keeping your Technics 1210 in perfect order ready for a vinyl battle, or even playing at home.  We carry out a full head to toe clean, service and check of these legendary decks to make sure they’re always working their best. 


The below are our guide prices for standard workshop repairs and servicing for DJ Decks.  As deck varies with fault the prices are to be used as a reference guide only and no guarantee of availability of parts. We don’t undervalue our service as we believe to be far superior than other repairers, our attention to detail and going the extra mile are standard.  We handle many hundreds of Technics decks a year, posted, taxi’d or brought in and always give the best experience. 


Technics 1210 Service

Full strip down, clean and check
£ 95 Per Deck
  • Full strip down and clean internally
  • Checking all internal components
  • Checking bearings & Moving parts
  • Calibration of Pitch controls
  • Correct set-up of Brake
  • Cleaning S arm Contacts
  • Obsere any non working components & Report back
  • Plus many more checks

Pair Deck service

Why just get one done when you run them as a pair!
£ 180 Pair
  • Everything as per single deck, but twice!

Additional Technics 1210 service options

All below prices are charged in addition to the servicing costs above and are charged per deck.  For example if you wanted replacement VAN DAMME cables for one deck the cost would be £45 plus the service at the above rates.

Custom LED colours on Technics 1210

We can change the colours of all the LED’s on your Technics 1210 including the pop up light.  The strobe lights, pitch and speed adjustment.  Within reason any colour can be chosen.  Alternatively if you have a pimped out deck and want it restoring to factory stock colours we have good stock of all original colours.

Fast Track Repairs & Conditions

We’re typically able to turnaround a Technics 1210 service locally in Harlow Essex for London, and Hertfordshire in roughly 1-2 weeks depending on the number of repairs currently in.

We can fast track servicing and repairs up to a 6 working day turnaround, the additional cost is + 30% of the bench fee.



We have limits that we will repair upto without further authorisation from you and can be found in our terms and conditions however we do always try to remain economical.  If we think it’s going to be unrealistic then we will let you know before you get an incredibly unrealistic bill.


Minimum charged costs and will apply once equipment is brought to the workshop and booked into the system as “received at workshop”.  This simply means that this charge applies if we look at the equipment and either it is totally wrecked and or beyond economical repair, it also applies if we are unable to find a fault as it is out time spent investigating and proving by measurements and testing to electronic specifications. In most instances for straight forward repairs the hour is the most you’ll pay but this entirely depends on the fault and equipment.


Our full terms and conditions can be found at the footer of this website.