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Guitar and Bass Amplifiers we Repair in Harlow

This is either for the 1 offs or for the low volume of repairs and wouldn’t be worth our hassle in becoming recognised or parts are just simply easy to come by and we can repair them without assistance.  The list is pretty limitless and there is bound to be many brands we’ve not listed but are able to repair!

AER – Mainly acoustic amplifiers

Aguilar Amplification – Bass amps.
Art Guitars – Instruments and amps.
AshDown Amplification – Bass amps

Budda Amplification – Tube heads, combos and cabinets. Made in US.

Cage – Tube heads and combos.
Carvin – Guitar & Bass amps. Tube, solid state, heads/combos.
Carver – Rack mount power amps.
Clark Amplification – Fender tweed era replicas.
Cornford Amplification – Tube amps, Made In UK.
Conrad Johnson – Tube power amps & preamps.
Crate – Guitar & Bass amps. Tube, solid state, combos/heads/cabinets.
Cruz Amplification – Hand wired tube amps.

 Demeter Amps – Bass tube preamps, tube guitar amps, tube power amps.


 Dr Z – Guitar combo and head amplifiers

Edward Amplification – Tube heads and combos.

Fender – Over 50 years of industry sound shaping.

Fishman – Makers of the “Loudbox” acoustic amp. Also Fishman pickups & preamps.

Gallien Krueger – Bass amps and cabinets. 

Harmony Guitar Company – Guitars & Amps.
Hartke – Bass amps, Samson wireless and Zoom effects.
HiWatt – Tube and Solid State amps. Since 1964.
Hughes & Kettner – Tube & Solid state amps

Johnson Amplification – Combos with built in digital effects.

Koch – Tube heads, combos, preamps 
Kustom – Guitar & Bass amps , power-amps.

Laney – Solid power amplifiers and preamps
Lee Jackson – Tube heads & combos

Marshall – The rock classic.
Mesa Boogie – Tube heads and combos 

Orange – British guitar amps.

Peavey – Guitar, Bass, Keyboard tube & solid state.
Pignose – Portable battery powered mini amps.
Porta Amp – Fully rechargeable amplifier for electric guitar & other instruments.

Rhino Guitar amps – Tube heads, combos and cabinets.
Rivera – Tube heads, combos, rack systems and cabinets.
Rocktron – Tube & Solid state amps, preamps, effects, stompboxes.
Roland – Makers of the famous Jazz Chorus combos.

Soldano – Tube amps and preamps.
Sovtek – Tube Heads & Electro Harmonics combos.
SWR – Bass heads and combo amps.

Tech 21 – Guitar amps, Bass amps.

Torque Amplification – Small combo amps. 

Trace Elliot – Guitar, Bass, Acoustic and Keyboard amps.

Vox – Legendary guitar amplification

Warwick – Bass amps.

Yamaha – Solid state combos/heads/cabinets.