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Couriering your repairs to us?

New Repair Ticket

All repairs must have a ticket to repair, this is your best place to start!

Ship to us

Ship using your preferred shipping company.


We repair, send you the bill to pay via bank transfer


Arrange for your preferred shipping company to collect from us.

We accept courier drop offs and collections.  We leave this up to you the customer to organise with a courier and do not get involved with the courier side, this applies to both drop offs and collections.  It is therefore down to you to ensure sufficient packaging, insurance and postage cover.  We are able to print return labels you email to us and repackage the equipment using your original supplied packaging.

There is no need to use the appointment link as this is only for people dropping off in person.  We have a operational reception for the workshop complex who can take in parcels if we are not in.  

As a curtesy please let us know when you are planning on sending/ arranging collection  and via what service so we can be on the lookout. 


To send to us please use the following address details:

Sickamps Ltd Repair # REPAIR NUMBER

Unit 66 Greenway Business Centre

Harlow Business Park



CM19 5QE

If the courier requires email and telephone you can give them info@sickamps.com and 01279 261 261


Upon repair completion we will send you the total and our bank details in order for you to make a direct bank transfer.  Once we confirm receipt of the funds we will let you know and you can arrange collection.  We will not release equipment to be taken by courier until the payment has cleared. 

Once you have arranged collection please let us know which day the parcel will be collected on.  You may email us the labels to attach to the parcel to aid the courier. 

Tips to successful packing

Amplifiers epically valve amps can be delicate and easy to break in the post from sudden force like being dropped.  You can help minimise these by either removing the valves and labelling them up with a marker on the glass, and on the chassis so we know which one goes and wrap them individually in bubble wrap, or you can wrap bubble wrap around them in the chassis to help keep them spaced and in place. When packing we recommend packing the outer box as tight to the enclosure as possible.  This ensures the cases is as rigid to the box to prevent movement in the box.  If you are worried about the woven fronts of amps you can reinforce this with a couple of slices of cardboard taped to the amp.  

Anything that moves should be taped to a secure position, and if it can be removed it should be wrapped and then taped.

Remember very few couriers will insure damage to glass, this includes valves! It can also be a hard job claiming on insurance if the item isn’t well packed or you use a battered old box to begin with. We always recommend thinking and packing in the way you received the item or how it came in the manufacturers box to begin with.  Often reinforced on the corners and delicate areas, and tightly packed to avoid crushing elsewhere.