Fender Hot Rod / Blues Capacitor Upgrade

Fender Hot Rod & Blues Junior Capacitor Upgrade The capacitors fitted to many Fender amplifiers are manufactured by a brand called IC.  It is no secret that these capacitors are in a stressful environment, high voltage and warm conditions prematurely ages them and failures are quite high. Symptoms may include: […]

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Adding Speaker Sockets

External Speaker Socket

Installing speaker jacks on hard wired combos – despite being very simple, the act of being able to plug in an external cabinet into a combo amp and give you a whole host of different sound options.  It’s a simple mod where we install a 6.35mm speaker jack socket in the […]

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PPIMV Master Volume

master volume

PPIMV –  (Post Phase Invert Master Volume)  For valve amplifiers without a master volume this is by far the best kind of master volume modification around, tonally it provides very little colouration while allowing you to crank the preamp valves.                      […]

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Fender Blues Junior Adjustable biasing

The Fender Blues Junior despite being small is a very loud amplifier and benefits hugely from an adjustable bias mod.  Unfortunately we’ve seen far too many where the user has changed the output valves and because the amp is known as ‘fixed bias’ think they can just change out without […]

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About Tubesync

TubeSync is an intelligent power valve control system that can be retro fitted or fitted to new manufacture amplifiers.  It provides precise current control to each valve enabling unmatched valves to operate in a complimentary pair, each valve is individually tuned using state of the art software.  Each valve is […]

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Benefits of Tubesync

POWER UP HOT The Bias Engine’s ‘Hot Anode’ cranks up the heat and has you running hot from the very first cord. It knows the optimum temperature for your tubes best performance and gets them there the minute you start playing. JUST PLUG IN AND PLAY The Bias Engine is […]

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