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Is it economical to repair electric pianos and keyboards? 

We can obtain many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts from the main leading brands including Korg, Yamaha, Casio, Technics however sometimes as pianos extend past 10 years parts do start to become obsolete.  

We typically find faults are where they interface to the outside world, this includes broken and intermittent keys.  Headphone jacks being broken and power cable issues and sockets.  

General rule of thumb on repair costs for electric pianos

Pianos in excess of £400 in value are worth repairing.  Our costs are higher for piano repairs due to the complexity of the cases and how much they have to be taken apart to get to the parts.  The longest it’s taken to get to a component on a synth has been 3 hours and about 200 screws! But usually electric stage pianos have a minimum of 20 screws to separate them!

Typically if your piano has some keys that are either sticking or not playing right i.e. full volume, not at all or are a bit hit and miss, as long as parts are still available the fault can usually be rectified for between £120 -£180 by replacing all the rubber membrane switch contacts and cleaning the keyboard of all dirt and hair.

If you consider that most professional pianos are over £1500 with a 10 year life for parts spending a small amount of a few hundred pounds may well be worth a new lease of life in a piano you know the sound and feel of.