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Korg M50 Updating right panel, updating left panel, complete power cycle to rinse wash and repeat FIX ….

If your M50 turns on, then displays “updating right panel” then “updating left panel” then completes wanting you to restart, don’t worry! Does your Korg turn on then lock up mid way through playing and stops responding? 

If this sounds a similar situation first up we would recommend making sure your software is up to date.  Instructions can be found on korg’s website on how to download the software and expand it onto a SD card.  In the first instance the software update runs more efficiently and requires less power which has been known to cause the locking up issues. 

Older revisions of the main CPU board (D and lower) may also require some components to be changed as well as a software update.

As am authorised Korg repairer and access to original spares we’re able to carry out the works and offer a 3 month warranty against this kind of fault.

Simply register and raise a support ticket, we have parts in stock to repair 95% of these freezing faults.