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How Do I count the number of items to PAT test?

Often we’re asked about what items need testing and dispute if it’s one or two items.  We’ll try and answer some of the simple questions to ensure you can correctly count the number of items to get a rough idea of the testing required.


Items with a mains lead

The scope of in service testing of electrical equipment can be simplified somewhat to give a simple demonstration on this page.  There are always situations outside of the scope which need special attention but generally in most cases the following is correct to make assumption.


What can be tested

In general anything which connects to the mains is tested, this is simplified in the below:


-Items with a mains lead.

-Mains lead cables and wires.

-Mains low voltage adaptor blocks and power supplies


What items are not tested

The official test process is a little grey as far as where the testing stops, some might say that because the standards refer to electrical items there is scope to argue both ways that testing is required / not required.  We apply a practical approach and tend to limit tests to mains items only, we will however inspect the low voltage equipment to ensure it looks safe and has all covers, protection / safety devices in place which otherwise could give rise to danger.


-Devices powered by a low voltage adaptor

– Microphones 

– Signal cables i.e. speaker, microphone, lighting control cables



Items With a Fixed Mains Lead

If the lead is fixed hard to the appliance then this is just tested as one item as the lead forms part of the integral appliance and is tested as one unit.  We inspect the plug, the cable, the enclosure and other electrical tests to generate a pass certificate or a fail with adisary.

Microphone power supply repair

Items With Removable Leads

If your item has a removable mains lead then simply put you need 2 tests.  One on the cable, and one on the item.


Why two tests?

Simply put the cable could be interchanged with other appliances, as such if there was a problem with the cable then even if the appliance passed all tests then electrically it could still be unsafe by a bad mains cable.


IEC or kettle plug cable
Trace elliot bass amplifier