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Guides and Fixes

Yamaha AW4416 Dallas Clock Replacement RTC

Low battery clock warning Yamaha AW4416

Yamaha AW4416 Low Battery Real Time Clock Replacement The Yamaha AW4416 home studio is a compact all in one mixer and recording solution for the home musician.  Despite being an older digital audio console it’s high sampling rate and flexibility still makes it popular today to record with. What Is […]

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Mesa / Boogie Transatlantic TA30 FX loop noise

Mesa / Boogie TA-30 FX noise fix

TransAtlantic TA-30 Reverb and FX noise Mod (official Mesa) As an official Mesa warranty centre we have access to current production and historic service manuals including service bulletins and recommended factory updates. The Mesa / Boogie TransAtlantic TA-30 is a great little head, with it’s clean simple design and dual […]

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Repairing Electronics Is Environmentally Friendly

Repairing Is Environmentally Friendly One of our biggest driving factors for operating is to repair down to component level where absolute possible.  If you take a typical valve guitar amplifier, it’s electronic and metal contents typically weigh 10-15kg.  A faulty component or handful of components could weigh as little as […]

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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe / Blues Junior / Twin amplifier repairs

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Storage Capacitor Upgrade F&T

Fender Amplifier Repair We see many Fender amplifiers in for repair.  Why so many do you ask? Are they more problematic than other brands? Do they have inherent “common faults” (as reported by forums)(you can read about our view on forums here…).   No, we generally Fix more Fender amps […]

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What is a microphonic valve, is it bad and how to identify.

What is a Microphonic Valve This is a really clear example of two output valves exhibiting microphonic properties. The left is worse than right.  A simple tap on the side with a pencil or finger will expose any vibrations which are likely to cause a nuisance.  The technical details […]

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My valves glow orange, that means they’re ok right?

valve glass envelope damage from over bias

Orange Glow From Valve But No Sound? The Valve Is OK – Right? Unfortunately the orange glow is just the heater element. It’s often impossible to tell if a valve is working by simply looking at it.  There are some exceptions however and I will explain below. The humble electron […]

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Crackly knobs, volume jumping erratically fix and cause

Cause of crackling pot

Crackle, intermittent sound when turning knob / Pot If you turn the dial on your guitar amp and it crackles, sounds like old TV static or you lose sound or it jumps full volumen the chances are your pots may be worn or dirty.   Inside of a guitar pot […]

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