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Automatic acceptance of terms.


By reporting a fault or having filled out a repair ticket you acknowledge that you have read and understood all the below terms, the tick box on the repair form is a confirmation.  The automatic acceptance is also applicable for equipment which is just dropped to the workshop.


When you create a repair ticket, this is your communication portal to talk and track your repair.  You are advised to log on periodically to check for updates. Tickets will automatically email out a copy of the information however this for convenience use only and not to be relied upon solely. When you raise the ticket in the first instance you demonstrate that you have logged onto our system and have become familiar with the system.

You can easily get in contact with us, using one of the methods on the contact us page, you can also reply to any ticket email and it will get added to our system.

When you create a ticket you will be shown your unique link to view your tickets online, we recommend you copy this to a safe place. Additionally you can view all tickets related to your account by clicking here


We warranty all our repairs for a period of 3 months from repair date, not collection date.  Returns must be brought back to us within the 3 month window for repair, we may refuse a repair if it was reported within the 3 month window, and brought to us after the 3 month period.

Claim must be made by opening the original ticket, or opening a new ticket making reference to the old ticket.  This is done by logging onto the repair portal.

The Warranty will cover the workshop time against the original fault reported and the actual repair carried out.  Material cover will be at the discretion of the repairer and may or may not be covered.  Items such as Valves and loudspeakers we are unable to offer warranty on as they are classed as consumable items and can be easily damaged through no control of us.

Amplifiers serviced are excluded from warranty, likewise if equipment is repaired it does not automatically have a blanket cover warranty on any fault not associated with the original reported and discovered fault. If the original fault reappears within the warranty period and causes further damage we will only warrant the repaired part.  Further damage will be charged at standard workshop rates.

EXCLUSIONS of warranty

Items brought to us with symptoms of intermittent behaviour or when tested we’re unable to find a fault or replicate the issue experienced the warranty will only apply to any parts used. We will continue to charge by the hour in investigate further until the fault shows and is repaired.

We’re unable to offer warranty to any speaker cones/ drivers or Valves once fitted as we’re unable to verify that they are being used correctly and can easily be damaged.

Automatic Repair  

In order to streamline our repair processes if we deem the repair to fall below for defined repairs we will automatically repair the item unless otherwise advised.  This speeds up the need to get back in touch throughout the repair process and results in a faster turnaround.

View the limits on our FAQ section

Advice & modifications

Please note we will only be able to offer advice on the item you have for repair at the time.  Modifications will be carried out at our discretion where we will check that the modification is safe to do so.  We see many emails where somebody has read on a forum to do this and a mate has said that, unfortunately many of these people are not electronics engineers and do not fully understand the terms and these can get muddled and result in a puff of smoke if not checked by a professional.

Advice is given without guarantee and in best faith, we accept no responsibility for our advice being used to carry out your own repairs / modifications, nor can we accept personal damages for burns, electrocution or such like related to working on electrical equipment.


We try best to ensure we treat your equipment with the highest respect but sometimes accidents do happen.  We will not be held liable for scratches or damage which occur as part of the repair process.  We advise all equipment is brought in a padded protective sleeve or flight case.  For delicate items we have carpet runners to put on the bench as protection and always try as hard as possible to prevent any damage however some cases are particularly hard through age or additional covering which may result in some damage.

Cleaning Of Equipment

As part of our customer service we will clean equipment automatically unless otherwise requested, this is to remove grime, bodily fluids, unknown dirt and visible soiling.  Cleaning is carried out for two reasons.  1) To clean off any germs or viruses, to enable us to safely inspect the equipment without fear of contamination 2) To provide you with a good clean serviced piece of equipment.

Loss of earnings & failure

By accepting to have a repair carried out with us you will fully release us from any claim or financial loss against the repair breaking down causing material damage, further amplifier damage, or financial loss through loss of work or needing to hire in replacement equipment.  All equipment leaving the workshop repaired is checked and tested for faults and weaknesses and leaves in a working condition.


Our workshop is based on a secure locked compound and security is high with CCTV and alarms.  Insurance is provided for equipment left with us as a “goods in trust” service.  This will provide cover on an equal basis replacement.  If you have a particularly valuable or one of a kind, please let us know before leaving it with us and we can advise if we recommend you taking out additional insurance.


Please refer to the equipment type menu for costs.


Any prices quoted before a repair will be subject to change depending upon us finding further faults.  we are a Limited company however are not VAT registered  Prices quoted are total.  Due to some recent repairs we now require the inspection to be paid when dropping off the amplifier with the remainder due on collection.

Items will not be released until fully paid for at time of picking up.

We accept Cash on collection.

We accept credit and debit cards on a pay per link email which will be sent out by default upon repair notification or upon collection, payment will need to be made before release of equipment.

Failure to meet appointment time

Where a service has been agreed and arranged either through booking via telephone, email or our appointment booking system we will hold a 30 minute workshop slot to attend to your appointment. You will be emailed the from and until time.  Arriving before or after this time, without prior arrangement may result in a wasted journey.  Please let us know by telephone or email if you are running late.

Failure to collect after repair.

We reserve the right to dispose of at no profit cost any item that has not been collected after 1 months even if the repair cost has been paid. We have limited storage space.  We will use the ticketing system to keep you informed of a repair.  If after contacting you there is no reply after 1 months we will class the repair and equipment as abandoned and dispose. Tickets can be accessed by logging into the site using your username and password, and as a gesture they are also emailed.  Occasionally emails do not go through so we always advise you check the ticket on the website as a second check.  We do not use the telephone to chase up as there is no way to officially record this.

If you advise us that you do not wish to proceed with a repair, and we do not hear back from you within a week (7 calendar days) we will dispose of the equipment as we will deem it to be abandoned.


Where a refund has been agreed, the refund can take up to 30 working days to be completed. The refund may be withdrawn at any period if unreasonable threats or behaviour is received. All refunds are made as a gesture of good will to show our honest attitude.

Abusive & Threatening behaviour

We will not tolerate any abusive or threatening behaviour of any kind received. Any such received will null and void any contract, warranty, repair or relationship we have engaged upon. The work for the amount of time spent will be charged and we request that the equipment is removed within 2 working days.