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Maximum Costs We Automatically Repair up to without Confirming With You.

In order to streamline our repair processes we will automatically repair up to the below values of repair including parts and bench fee before getting back in touch.  This speeds up the need to get back in touch throughout the repair process and results in a faster turnaround.  If you wish to set your own limit, please include it clearly in the ticket. 

The below limits are for equipment newer than 1980

Guitar Amps £170

Pianos £290

DJ Equipment/ Speakers/ mixing desks £250

General Electronics £100

For vintage equipment (pre 1980) we do not set automatic prices.  We have based this on the fact that the work we do on the equipment will increase it’s value bringing it back to full restored condition.  We are happy to give updated guide costs based on time spent and materials used.

If you have an upper limit, please let us know.  Otherwise we will provide our discretion based on the value of equipment and the benefit our work offers.