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Yamaha AW4416 Dallas Clock Replacement RTC

Low battery clock warning Yamaha AW4416

Yamaha AW4416 Low Battery Real Time Clock Replacement The Yamaha AW4416 home studio is a compact all in one mixer and recording solution for the home musician.  Despite being an older digital audio console it’s high sampling rate and flexibility still makes it popular today to record with. What Is […]

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Mesa / Boogie Transatlantic TA30 FX loop noise

Mesa / Boogie TA-30 FX noise fix

TransAtlantic TA-30 Reverb and FX noise Mod (official Mesa) As an official Mesa warranty centre we have access to current production and historic service manuals including service bulletins and recommended factory updates. The Mesa / Boogie TransAtlantic TA-30 is a great little head, with it’s clean simple design and dual […]

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Adding Speaker Sockets

External Speaker Socket

Installing speaker jacks on hard wired combos – despite being very simple, the act of being able to plug in an external cabinet into a combo amp and give you a whole host of different sound options.  It’s a simple mod where we install a 6.35mm speaker jack socket in the […]

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PPIMV Master Volume

master volume

PPIMV –  (Post Phase Invert Master Volume)  For valve amplifiers without a master volume this is by far the best kind of master volume modification around, tonally it provides very little colouration while allowing you to crank the preamp valves.                      […]

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