Frequently Asked Questions About Our Repair services

Collection / Drop Off

Our repair facilities happen in-house at our workshop in Harlow. You can find it on the find us page along with a map. Our postcode is CM19 5QE

Please contact us using the original booking email. We will authorise a cancellation.

We generally give you the appointment time plus 30 minutes if booked via our appointment page system.  For discussed appointments we generally expect you to be there at the time, we’ve had instances where people are ‘running late’ but turn up 2 hours after they say they will, we cannot guarantee availability in this instance.

Likewise telling us you’ll be with us at lunchtime is very vague. Please be as precise as possible.

We prefer to have drop offs and collections arranged for 2 reasons, 1 we may not always be around and do not want to disappoint you. and secondly, for security if you arrange to pick-up an amp at a time and day there is less chance of somebody trying to take your amp and claiming it was theirs.

Yes, we accept parcels however if equipment is damaged we will advise as such and you may have extra repair costs.

When it comes to collection, you will need to arrange a courier service yourself. We do not get involved with posting repaired equipment.