Local electronics repairs

We tend to look at musical electronics such as guitar amps, keyboards mixers and speakers like vehicles.  Occasionally they have a hiccup and you need to take them to the garage to be repaired, generally as quickly as possible to avoid problems in arranging time out or temporary cover.  The only difference is that the replacement parts network isn't as good as vehicles! Our workshop keeps a fair stock of all common valves and bases, transistors resistors and other passive components including popular repair items jack sockets and pots.


All repairs come with a 3 month quibble free warranty against the fault(Conditions of repair).  We take emergency bookings for when it all goes wrong as well as planned servicing.  For schools we offer account options (please see the education section in the services menu) and for people coming off the street we offer cash and all leading credit and debit card payments with a invoice and workshop report upon repair.  

Our Gripe with self diagnosis from reading forums

I read on a forum it's a capacitor or something causing the issue.... I've read it's a common problem lots of people have reported faults like this.....

Specialist electronics repair, fully equipped workshop & SMD rework facilities

Having experience in old valve guitar amplifier electronics repair with lethal voltages with larger more unusual electronics through to modern digital synthesizers with surface mount components we have the tools and ability to repair all kinds of electronics.  Our limit is

Is repairing as good as new? 

All of our repairs are carried out to a high standard and are fully tested and stressed after everything is back together.  For peace of mind we offer a 3 month warranty on the bench time for the original fault, this excludes valves and loudspeaker replacement as we class these as wear and tear.  Repairs are carried

We see many more guitar amplifiers than any other form of electronics stage equipment to repair, it's not because they are more problematic to failure it is just they are more popular and are often used for other things such as bass amps, piano amps and so on.

There are two main technologies we repair in guitar amps, this is solid state, and valve.  The term solid state simply refers to no moving parts and all 'solid' referring to the silicone transistors and FETS used to amplify and deliver the current needed to the speaker.  Valve amps however use electrons travelling through a vacuum to amplify the current.  The blue glow tinge you see on power tubes is plasma and is as close as you can come to seeing electrons moving.

Both amplifiers technologies contain dangerous voltages and users are not recommended to start prodding around inside.  We have had many amps in over the years where a video clip on 'repairing amps' is used and often creates many more faults.  For many people their guitar amp is their tool to earning money, and needs to be carefully repaired and looked after.


We're authorised Blackstar, Yamaha, Victory Amps repair agents, and recognised by all the leading brands as a repairer, brands include Marshall, Fender, Orange, VOX.

Bass amplifiers tend to be higher rated than guitar amps and are often heavier due to bigger components used, there are obviously departures to this such as some of the new PJB and MarkBass amps.  We service and repair both valve and solid state amps.  Bass amplifier repairs are generally more involved than guitar amps due to their amplifier designs, bigger heatsinks or many more valves in the output stage such as the Ampeg SVT with it's sextant of glass.  That being said bass amps are generally much higher rated than their design specification meaning we don't often see as many.  Typically when a bass amp goes wrong, it does it in quite a big way.  Common faults such as jack replacements, hums and crackles are a straight forward repair though. 


Being a Yamaha authorised repair agent we have great support network for parts and technical references meaning that we service and repair all Yamaha pianos. We also have great relationships with Korg and Roland for synth repairs and serving.  We are finding that many pianos are brought to us with key issues, intermittent playing, not being velocity sensitive and single or sets of keys playing at full volume, sustain pedal issues where they have broken or had the cables damaged.  Occasionally we get broken keys or complete keys missing that are replaced and can replace dull or Faded screens, rotary selectors that are a bit hit and miss, generally all pianos under 15 years old we can replace all parts and restore them to playing as good as new, cleaning up all the dust and grime from the key beds and polishing the cases.  If you've ever looked at the underside you will notice all the screws on modern pianos, this really eats into the time so we often suggest other low value service options to also carry out while the repair is underway to save you money.

PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO COMPLEXITY AND TO OFFER THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY, ALL PERSONALLY OWNED PIANOS MUST BE BROUGHT TO OUR WORKSHOP.  We can assist in how to disassemble the piano from the base and easiest ways to transport your piano as most will fit into a car with the back seats down.

We can carry out site visits to schools, colleges, Churches and music shops/ rehearsal rooms however there may be additional charges for the transportation. 


Piano repairs

Offering a complete one stop repair shop for bands is one of our things in making life a little easier.  We repair mixing desks, power amplifiers, active (amplifier on the back) and passive (plugs into an amplifier) speakers and are able to make up custom leads and offer other services you can see on our site including PAT testing and lighting hire.

Being a Yamaha authorised repair agent we can repair all Yamaha mixing desks including digital and analog, anything from replacing a scratchy fader to a complete channel strip and even supplying original knobs and parts for all Yamaha. Other brands we repair include EV, Mackie, HK audio, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft.  As you can imagine with some mixing desks all the front knobs have to come off to get to the circuit board and this can be quite time consuming!

If you've had equipment damaged and need to make an insurance claim, we're able to compile an insurance report to explain to the insurance company the likely repair costs to get your equipment back up running again.  Sometimes claims handlers and justifiers require an independent review of the equipment which is where we come in.  We are non biased and provide a true likeness fairly accurate cost for what it would cost us to repair back to a working condition.  The insurance company will then decide if the repair is viable or of a replacement may be cheaper.



DJ decks and mixers can be subjected to quite some abuse.  From hard core scratchers exerting lots of pressure to decks both CD and Vinyl through to drink spillages often from sugary and acidic drinks which can play havoc with electronics.  Our repair service for DJ's is generally for the higher end brands mainly due to cost and value for repair.  It's often found that cheaper equipment for example a mixing desk under £200 the level of support for spares and electronic drawings is much less than that of more expensive brands and this can be reflected in our willingness to take on repairs.


 Technics 1210 Phono cable upgrade  1210 S arm repair, damaged height adjuster  DJ mixing desk service & Repair   Customisation of colours for vinyl decks  


Our services are not exclusive to but include, Repairs, Modifications, Upgrades, Customisation 


If you require servicing or a repair, head over to our repair section, create a ticket and let us get you back up and running in no time! 


We don't repair Hi Fi equipment or consumer electronics, we only repair professional stage electronics. 

We are forever getting emails beginning 'I know you don't repair hifi but I've got a old CD player or surround amplifier' please don't be disappointed if we do not respond.



Raise a support ticket

Raising a support ticket with the workshop is the fastest means to get your equipment repaired. Its quick free and easy to do. You can view past repairs and raise new ones once you have an account.