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Fender Amplifier Repair Center Harlow Essex & Hertfordshire

We love Fenders amplifiers and see many Hot Rod Deluxe, and Blues Junior in for repair, not because they are a troublesome amplifier but they are a good all rounder, being light and punchy with a volume control you can never realistically get above 3 we have a good working relationship with Fender service department and obtain spares regularly.

We’re often seeing lots of Fender amps to repair, not because they’re troublesome but because they are popular.  Popular models we see include the hot rod deluxe, blues and daville. Common faults with these amps is excessive humming caused by bad capacitors, crackling and popping caused by heat affected components.

If you have a Fender amplifier needing repair please use the repair ticket and our workshop will assist your repair

Adjustable bias fitted to a Fender Blues Junior Amplifier

Blues Junior Bias

Fender Blues Junior amplifiers are fix biased. We can fit adjustable pots to allow for better bias setting

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IC capacitor leaks

Hot Rod Deluxe Humming

Is your amp humming excessively, or making a squealing sound when the controls are turned up? We can fit new F&T Storage capacitors

The most common form of Fender amp repairs:

-Broken Pots

-Crackling pots

-Damaged jacks

-Hums & Crackles (caused by dry joints, leaking capacitors)
-Blown Elements
-Played too loud and let out some smoke
-Rarely it’s human error – We try to understand how you use the kit and offer suggestions for best results

Fender Amplifier Repair Center Essex

Amps are dangerous inside!!!!

Amplifiers contain dangerous voltages and users are not recommended to start prodding around inside.  We have had many amps in over the years where a video clip on ‘repairing amps’ is used and often creates many more faults.  For many people their guitar amp is their tool to earning money, and needs to be carefully repaired and looked after. If you are unsure, do not touch it and call us!

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Fender Amplifier Repair Centre

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    6 days ago

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    Jonathan Avatar
    1 month ago
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    Gavin Avatar
    2 months ago

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    2 months ago

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    4 months ago
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    Christopher Avatar
    5 months ago

    Great friendly service. Easy to use Website. Know what they are talking... read more

    Nick Avatar
    6 months ago

    Fantastic service, communication and very well priced.My amps have never sounded this... read more

    fusionpete333 Avatar
    7 months ago
  • Excellent - Highly recommend

    Simon Avatar
    7 months ago

    Professional & knowledgeable service at a great price. Cannot beat the service.... read more

    Feel Avatar
    7 months ago

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    Hope Avatar
    7 months ago
  • Excellent friendly service and advice. Thank you

    Alan Avatar
    7 months ago

    Very friendly and good service 👍

    Jay Avatar
    7 months ago

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    Sarah Avatar
    7 months ago


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