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Book an Appointment

We're not a 9-5!

Use the booking system to arrange a workshop appointment to drop off or collect your equipment.


Some days we have longer days, and others we have shorter, this is to try give the best times for people constrained to “regular day” hours the chance to use our service!

Appointment slots are 20 Minutes

Appointments after 6pm?  Usually Wednesday or Thursday –  8:30 PM 

Our Repair Process explains the whole process – the  ticketing system, appointments, how to pay etc.

COVID 19 Collections & Drop off.

We’re fairly relaxed but please allow space. 

All drop offs and collections will happen at the door step outside, and at a distance.  Please don’t be offended if we ask you to stand back.

Park in front of the Blue Sickamps Pickup

Use this form to book your drop off or collection to our workshop.  This form isn’t to be used to request a collection from your address.  Please contact us direct to arrange collections which will be dealt with accordingly and charged for the distance travelled.