We offer all local schools, colleges and universities within a 20mile radius of Harlow excluding central London free pick-up and drop back of repairs guitar amp and Electric piano / Keyboard* 

This is how we work:

  1. Email us the items, faults and useful information to establish suitability of repair

  2. We will assess from description and value of equipment suitability for repair, we will email you back a guide cost to repair

  3.  if you accept we will pick-up items at convenient time and return them to our workshop for inspection

  4.  we compile a report on fault and costing to repair.

  5. If you are happy send over a official PO to value

  6. we then proceed with repair

  7. once repaired we will arrange to return equipment back to you 

  8. We then invoice after using PO number

For repairs not deemed economical to repair we reserve the right to charge between £25 - £55 per item inspected, this covers our 1 hour bench time and transportation, please factor this in before making an enquiry.  Generally in repairs of 8+ amplifiers / pianos we may find 1 item uneconomical through excessive damage, and may at discretion use this for parts to repair the other items. 





*to qualify for free pick-up and drop back schools must be within Harlow, or have a minimum of 4 pieces of equipment for repair.

Raise a support ticket

Raising a support ticket with the workshop is the fastest means to get your equipment repaired. Its quick free and easy to do. You can view past repairs and raise new ones once you have an account.