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Guitar Amplifier Repair

My valves glow orange, that means they’re ok right?

valve glass envelope damage from over bias

Orange Glow From Valve But No Sound? The Valve Is OK – Right? Unfortunately the orange glow is just the heater element. It’s often impossible to tell if a valve is working by simply looking at it.  There are some exceptions however and I will explain below. The humble electron […]

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Valve Replacement & Biasing

Valve Replacement & Biasing The best make? the best model? the best treatment? The best tone? This is subject to personal taste really as long as they’ve not shorted or failed otherwise physically the choice is yours. Sickamps Normal Wear & Tear When valves age they tend to give a […]

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Broken Jacks and crackling pots

service costs

Daily Fixes Broken Jacks and Crackling Pots “Jack hums or doesn’t work unless I hold it in this position, usually I just put a bit of tape in place or wedge the cable around the handle and it works”  “I think it needs a new jack” pointing to the lack […]

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Is a repair as good as the original?

Keys removed in a Yamaha Electric Piano being repaired

Are our Repairs as Good as New? All of our repairs are carried out to a high standard and are fully tested and stressed after everything is back together.     Warranty For peace of mind we offer a 3 month warranty on the bench time for the original fault, this […]

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