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Budget Technics 1210 Phono Upgrade Cables - Quality Handmade

We stock a wide array of cables and connectors to make you custom lengths, and custom ends.


Often asked to change the plastic ends on vinyl decks we have created a cable that is really durable, all metal connectors and strain relieved using the highest quality HellermannTyton rubber reliefs.

The example below is typically the most common supplied cable for Technics 1210’s and interconnects for DJ’s.

Components to your upgrade


Reel of Grey Cable

Typically our budget cables are made using quality RS Components cabling, who are a Worldwide parts supplier and manufacturer for many professional brands.  Their own branded kit is incredibly well made and confirms to many high standards you would expect


Budget Metal Phono Connectors

RS own brand connectors are nothing to turn your nose up at.  They feature gold plating on all major connector points.  Solid turned metal enclosure and a good tight fitting connection to your mixer.  We really like the design and textured finger grips to enable good grip.

Strain Relief

Sleeving tool

HellermannTyton are the brand leaders of strain relief and cable management. We use their soft natural rubber sleeves to provide relief to the cables. Using a special tool to stretch the sleeves over the cable they provide a solid flexible joint in which to provide the perfect protection from the cable pairs ripping. Manufactured in red they’re a perfect smart contrast to the blue cable… Just as well really as there isn’t any other option!

Earth Cable

Technics 1210 Earth Wire

Using flexible black cable one end is supplied tinned ready to solder to your deck, the other end has a soldered spade terminal on with strain relief.  Providing a solid hum free earth. This can be made to the same length of the phono cables, or altered to fit your needs. Whatever you decide to do this will be the most beneficial upgrade in providing a secure solid earth from mixer to tone arm.

The Final Product

Budget Technics 1210 Cable Handmade

A beautifully hand crafted phono lead set including a super flexible silicone earth sheath earth wire and crimp end of either a ring or spade, custom made specifically to your length requirements. Provides a durable long term aesthetically pleasing looking solid cable ready to transfer your music along it’s journey.

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