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Mesa EL34 STR 447 Valves (Matched Pair) IN STOCK!

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The MESA EL34 STR 447 is our very best overall, premium grade NOS equivalent EL-34 and our tube of choice in the production of all new MESA EL-34 powered models. It offers traditional EL-34 tone & feel – urgent and aggressive – and is an excellent choice for all styles of gain, especially classic rock, alternative rock & metal. This tube is true to it’s British origins with tight, focused low end, crushing midrange crunch and crystal-like highs. It’s one of our favorites for authentic Brit tones.


Stock In: Road King, Stiletto Ace, Stiletto Deuce, Stiletto Trident –
Substitute in: Solo 50, Rect-O-Verb, Dual Rec, Triple Rec, Roadster,
Mark IV (outside sockets only), Lone Star, 2:50 & Recto 2:100


Please note that we have increased the weight displayed of the valves, this is to ensure that we can suitably package them for shipping.

Sold as a pair in retail packaging.

If you need a Mesa repair and are local to East Herts or West Essex, we’re an authorised service warranty centre for Mesa. Read more about Mesa repairs

Link to Mesa website with specifications 

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 15 cm

Mesa / Boogie