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Fender Vaporizer 8W Tube studio amp
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Fender Vaporizer 8W Tube studio amp

A very compact, powerful great sounding amplifier very suitable for studio sessions and recording.  Given the lower power of 12W means it overdrives lovely and is great for smaller acoustic gigs.



  • Amplifier Type: Valve
  • Controls: Volume, Tone and Reverb
  • Wattage: 12 Watts
  • Inputs: Two - (1/4", Normal and Bright)
  • Speaker Jack: Internal speaker disconnects to allow the amp's 1/4" output to be used with external 8-ohm speaker enclosures
  • Pilot Light Jewel: Blue Jewel (Power), Red Jewel (Vaporizer Mode)
  • Handle: Large Pivoting Luggage Handle
  • Grill Cover: Rocket Red, Slate Blue or Surf Green Dimpled Vinyl Covering with Silver Grille Cloth
  • Amplifier Depth: 10.5" (26.7 cm)
  • Amplifier Width: 24.75" (62.9 cm)
  • Amplifier Height: 17" (43.2 cm)
  • Amplifier Weight: 37 lbs. (16.78 kg)
  • Effects: Spring Reverb Circuit Independent of Amp Volume Control and "Vaporizer Mode" (Bypasses Volume and Tone Controls for Full-Strength Overload)
  • Speakers: Two - 10" 16-Ohm Special Design Vaporizer Speakers
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Pre Amp Valves: Groove Tubes® - (2 x 12AX7)
  • Power Valves: Groove Tubes® - (2 x 6BQ5/EL84)
  • Unique Features:
  • -12 watts (output power)
  • -Spring reverb circuit independent of amp volume control; creates full, wet reverb for moody "late-night" vibe and approximates the sound of playing in a tunnel
  • -Single-button "wedge" footswitch for selecting "vaporizer mode" (bypasses volume and tone controls for full-strength overload; indicated by red jewel light)
  • FootSwitch: 1-Button "Wedge" Footswitch Included
  • Knobs: Large Black Knobs with Metal Insert
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