Costs To Repair Amplifiers & Pianos

How much does it cost to repair a guitar amp or Piano?

Due to the nature of electronics it's hard to put an exact cost on a 'typical' repair as unfortunately there is no 'typical'.  Likewise we are forever being asked, how much will it cost to fix my amp, when we ask what the issue is, the answer is -its not working.  The more detail you can give us on the lead up to the fault, or how some functions still work but not others will help us greatly at estimating a cost for you.


We're reasonably priced,cheaper than other local suppliers and completely transparent about our costs... 



Our Guide prices for repair and service rates are as follows:



Additional Info

Guitar amplifier servicing fee / Repair 

valve checking, capacitors, and 1st hour of work, + simple electrical contact clean up


Per Additional 15 minutes 

  £15 / per 15 min
Technics 1210 service Price per deck, full clean, speed check, brake adjust general check over

£60 - Fixed

Technics 1210 height adjuster freeing off 

Additional to above service cost

£15 - Fixed
Electric piano repairs Strip down, can incorporate most repairs in this time including membrane change

£95 / Hour

Mixing desk / Active speaker service / Repair hourly rate for repairs and servicing

£70 / Hour

Pedals / Cable manufacturer / general electronics repairs

items for repair are to be in a ready to repair state, stripped down already  £40 / Hour
Storage capacitors each

we mainly use F&T brand for quality £8 - Per unit
Typical Preamp valve  Premium tested JJ quality 

£16 - Per unit

Output tube

Dependant upon matched set and style

Jack socket input   

£6 - per unit

PAT test with PDF certificate 

Includes sticker on item and PDF certificate emailed to you £5 - per item


We have limits that we will repair upto without further authorisation from you and can be found in our terms and conditions however we do always try to remain economical.  If we think it's going to be unrealistic then we will let you know before you get an incredibly unrealistic bill.

For example we tend to find most modern pedals are uneconomical to repair, or replacements can be found far cheaper than our repair rates on auction sites.