Brands We Repair

Over the years our workbenches have seen many different hundreds of brands, many popular, an ever increasing in bespoke boutique hand wired units and single one off brands.




These are brands that only us Sickamps have the manufacturers explicit consent to officially repair and recognised and share full service technical information.

Service centre status allows us to provide you with original manufacture parts and use original service manuals to repair your equipment back to as new state. It means we get to bypass UK distributor network and can order and talk directly to the manufacturers.

By being recognised but not an official service centre is a little frustration however due to politics and red tape means it's pretty good! Generally larger manufacturers only appoint official service centres to their distribution country network, because we do not deal with stock or logistics doesn't qualify us to become a distribution network however the manufacturers repair centres recognise the frustration and we work closely with them to provide original parts and direct support.

This is either for the 1 offs or for the low volume of repairs and wouldn't be worth our hassle in becoming recognised or parts are just simply easy to come by and we can repair them without assistance.  The list is pretty limitless and there is bound to be many brands we've not listed but are able to repair!

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