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Guitar Amplifier brands

Example brands we have repaired

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe / Blues Junior / Twin amplifier repairs

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Storage Capacitor Upgrade F&T

Fender Amplifier Repair We see many Fender amplifiers in for repair.  Why so many do you ask? Are they more problematic than other brands? Do they have inherent “common faults” (as reported by forums)(you can read about our view on forums here…).   No, we generally Fix more Fender amps […]

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Hughes and Kettner amplifier repair and servicing in Harlow

Hughes & Kettner repairs we’ve carried out Like a love story, Mr Hughes an audio perfectionist on the quest to obtain the richest fullest and punchiest sound met Mr Kettner an engineering genius who had the ambition to create the smallest amplifier yet deliver power, the match was made…. we’ve […]

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we fix broken Fender amplifiers in Harlow Essex and Herts

Fender amplifiers we repair and service We see many Fender amps in for repair, it’s not because they’re unreliable its because they are a popular amp and therefore more likely to see.  In particular we regularly repair hot rod deluxe, and deville combo valve amplifiers. Repairs to fix these broken […]

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Hi Watt amplifier repair and restoration service Essex

Hi Watt amplifiers we have repaired Over the years we have repaired some lovely Hi Watt amplifiers.  Hi Watt is a British company starting in the late 60’s.  Along with the other amplifiers of it’s time the Hi Watt sound helped define the British Sound of guitars.   Maintaining this […]

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Mesa Boogie amplifier repair and service in Harlow Essex

Messa Boogie amplifiers we have repaired Messa Boogie are a prime example of a great American amplifier with pride.  Since starting manufacture in the 80’s all their amplifiers are built California.     R Repairing broken Messa Boogie amps is pleasurable as we’re well supported by the manufacture to provide […]

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Carvin amplifier repair and servicing in Harlow and Essex

 Some Carvin amplifiers we have repaired Carvin amplifiers have been in the game for a while, they started as the L C Kiesel Company which started in 1946, and produced their first tube amp in 1948 where they were all hand built and wired as standard!  Carvin amps have maintained […]

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Gallien Krueger amplifier repair and service in Harlow Essex

Gallien Krueger amplifiers we have repaired Gallien Krueger started as a garage built single amplifier Robert Gallien took to demo at a music shop all the way back in 1968.  The shop owner was impressed and took it to Woodstock to try, many years later the brand has become a firm […]

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Ampeg bass and guitar amp repairs in Harlow Essex

Ampeg amps we have repaired Yes i hear you shout, Ampeg make Bass amplifiers.  Yes but they also make guitar amps too! we know because we’ve seen broken Ampeg guitar amplifiers in for repair!  Built to the high quality of all Ampeg bass amplifiers, their guitar amplifiers are solid and […]

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Crate amplifier service and repairs in Harlow Essex

Some Crate amplifiers we have repaired Crate amplifiers obtained their name after the first amps built back in the 80’s were built into wooden cases and ‘crated’.  Gene Kornblum had historically along with his father been in the industry for importing stringed instruments which arrived in Crates.  The idea was […]

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Soldano amplifier repair and service in Harlow and Essex

Soldano amplifiers we repair  We’ve only seen a handful of Soldano amplifiers to repair generally because they are a custom boutique amplifier there are generally not as many as the other mainstream brands.  The broken Soldanos that have come to us have been fully repaired and returned to provide many […]

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