Repair & Service for Bass Amplifiers.

Bass amplifiers are often more robust than guitar amps, they drive more power and energy.  Faults still occur as they rely on electronics. 

The most common form of repairs are

  • Broken Pots
  • Crackling pots
  • Damaged jacks
  • Hums & Crackles (caused by dry joints, leaking capacitors)
  • Blown Elements
  • Played too loud and let out some smoke

Rarely it’s human error – We try to understand how you use the kit and offer suggestions for best results

There are two main technologies we repair in bass amplifiers, solid state, and valve.

Solid State

The term solid state means no moving parts and all ‘solid’  refers to is the Silicone Transistors and MOSFETS used to amplify and deliver the current to the speaker.


Valve amps use electrons travelling through a vacuum to amplify the current.  The blue glow tinge you see on power tubes is plasma and is as close as you can come to seeing electrons moving.

Amps are dangerous inside!!!!

Both amplifiers technologies contain dangerous voltages and users are not recommended to start prodding around inside.  We have had many amps in over the years where a video clip on ‘repairing amps’ is used and often creates many more faults.  For many people their guitar amp is their tool to earning money, and needs to be carefully repaired and looked after. If you are unsure, do not touch it and call us!

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