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250W Active stage monitor speaker
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250W Active stage monitor speaker

Stage monitor speaker powered perfect add-on for existing band set-ups and can be rented and hired from our Harlow based workshop

Daily hire rates for 250W active wedge speaker.  we stock both 12" and 15" versions available to hire individually or as a pair to use for stage monitoring of vocals and instruments.  If you like these speakers you can also purchase from us. 


The control panel features 13A kettle plug IEC input for mains, and accepts a XLR input.  The volume control sets a comfortable listening volume.  The speakers are self powered and can just plug into an Auxiliary send or non powered output.  If you have questions about it being compatible with your mixing desk or need signal 1/4" jack to XLR adaptors please do get in touch and we will check to ensure it is right for you.


Starting From £ 25.00 per Day

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