Heat can cause a big problem in amplifiers, power supplies and in fact all electronic devices.

Heat can be caused by and cause drift on tolerances, component behaviour and complete failure as well as sound difference on solid state amplifiers.

We now use thermal imaging to show us component temperatures speeding up amplifier repair and ensuring that we get right to the root cause of the issue! 

mosfet thermal imaging

The above picture is a failing MOSFET that has broken down, the annoying thing is that it was still electrically working correctly but only with the use of a thermal imager you can see how it is much warmer than the black outlines of the other devices operating correctly.

This fascinating image shows a fender blues junior behind with the valves glowing brightly at a warm 195 degrees C! now you know to let your amp cool down a bit before moving it! 

Using a thermal camera we can find faults including bad storage capacitors, transformer winding issues, semiconductor issues, and lots more! we also like to take random pictures of workshop items......such as the soldering iron! 

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