Sickamps Musical Electronics Repair - East Herts & West Essex

To help you on your way to getting your repair underway please select what you are having issues with! You've found the best place locally to look after your repair!

Guitar & Bass Amplifier

Valve, transistor modern and old we repair and service all guitar amps

Electric Pianos & Synths

We are authorised Yamaha service agent for repairs and servicing to all makes of digital piano synth and electronic keyed instruments

Mixing Desks, PA Amps & Outboard

We repair the majority of PA amps outboard and mixing desks, we take each of these repairs on a case by case matter

DJ Kit

Repair services concentrate on the higher end club kit, mixers and turntables lighting and other DJ kit. We take each repair on a case by case depending on cost

HI FI repairs

We do not undertake HI FI repairs however we do recommend another local company who do!

We're able to restore vintage equipment back to a working state as the manufacture intended it to be.  This is through a combination of using original parts, remakes, and compatible off the shelf models.

Our part sourcing quest has uncovered a now UK supplier to sickamps who can custom wind transformers using original specification plans and will build a like for like burnt out transformer.  If you want a custom transformer please get in touch with as much details of the amp and transformer as possible.

As we see so many amplifiers in for repair one of our biggest ambitions is to create our own simple small all valve amplifier for studio and bedroom / small venue use.  Typically less than 7W and have as transparent simple tone control as possible to offer a small great sounding amplifier easy to overdrive.  If you would be interested in our journey or wish to support us please get in touch from our contact page.

Raise a support ticket

Raising a support ticket with the workshop is the fastest means to get your equipment repaired. Its quick free and easy to do. You can view past repairs and raise new ones once you have an account.
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