Modifications & Upgrades

Information on upgrades and modification categorised into Makes of amplifier.  We'll always consider a reasonable request for a modification, from FX loops to master volumes to adjusting tones.  Please be aware though that often what you read about on forums is hard to recreate in sound and therefore you may be disappointed by the actual final outcome.  We'll also take judgement, for example we get people asking to make their amp as clean as a Fender, with the overdrive like a Marshall, and the power of an Ampeg, you do have to be realistic.  We often refer our services to that of a car garage, you wouldn't take a small 1.6L fiesta to a garage and tell them you want to race it around a F1 track.

Tubesync is a beautiful blend of microprocessor technology controlling vintage valve equipment, it provides fully automatic and intelligent biasing control and power valve protection.

Sickamps is an authorised service point who can install, manage and tweak the system for you. 

Some modifications we've come up with over the years for Fender amplifiers

Some pedal mods we've done,  Simple items such as true bypasses can be added to most pedals. We've also come up with our designs and redesigned some existing pedals