Tubesync is an electronic bias engine for valve amps

Tubesync is a beautiful blend of microprocessor technology controlling vintage valve equipment, it provides fully automatic and intelligent biasing control and power valve protection.

Sickamps is an authorised service point who can install, manage and tweak the system for you. 

TubeSync is an intelligent power valve control system that can be retro fitted or fitted to new manufacture amplifiers.  It provides precise current control to each valve enabling unmatched valves to operate in a complimentary pair, each valve is individually tuned using state of the art software.  Each valve is monitored and is automatically disconnected (as a pair) from the system if it begins to run unstable preventing the amplifier from blowing fuses enabling half power operation.  It can also be used to provide a simple half power/ full power add on for most 4 valve output stage amplifiers. Get in touch today to be fitted!

Tubesync can be fitted to valve amplifiers

The Bias Engine’s ‘Hot Anode’ cranks up the heat and has you running hot from the very first cord. It knows the optimum temperature for your tubes best performance and gets them there the minute you start playing.

The Bias Engine is easily incorporated into your amp’s systems at manufacture. It removes the need for bias current matching but still achieves the absolute best tone.

Fear not the cherry red glow of a failing tube! If the Bias Engine detects a faulty tube, it can automatically ‘switch out’ the offending tube and run the amp, at half power, until the defective tube can be changed.

Work your tubes at their full potential. The Bias Engine automatically micro-adjusts the bias on each tube to ensure its full potential is realised throughout its working life. The amplitude of drive signals supplied to the grids is dynamically measured and performance is optimised accordingly. Tubes work harder, better and for longer.

TubeSync revolutionises convention by completely replacing traditional testing methods. Every time you power up TubeSync runs an automatic ‘in circuit’ test and assures reliability.


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