Here are a few of the most popular, beneficial modifications we carry out to amplifiers and associated equipment to enhance their performance. 

It's not rocket science just simple effective changes designed to enhance the experience. 

Most mods alter tone and levels so please be aware one mod to an amplifier may impact the rest of the amp.

 PPIMV -  (Post Phase Invert Master Volume)  For valve amplifiers without a master volume this is by far the best kind of master volume modification around, tonally it provides very little colouration while allowing you to crank the preamp valves.                           Important to point out though that it doesn't overdrive the power tubes unless up loud so the distortion will be far different than using other devices such as speaker load attenuators.  This is a popular mod to carry out to older Marshalls


Fixed biased circuits to variable bias adjustment - this though not entirely useful to most people who do not attempt to bias their own amps, its useful for guitar techs for touring bands who do, after changing valves and needing to rebias quickly without having to desolder resistors. A popular modification for Fender Blues Juniors .


Installing speaker jacks on hard wired combos - despite being very simple, the act of being able to plug in an external cabinet into a combo amp and give you a whole host of different sound options.  It's a simple mod where we install a 6.35mm speaker jack socket in the chassis, and replace the fixed wire to the speaker with a slightly longer cable and a plug on the end.  Normally it's kept plugged in and works fine, but easy to unplug and add an external cabinet.


True Bypass pedals For the more comprehensive or complicated set-up we can install either into pedals true bypass switches, or in a standalone stomp box a true bypass switch with 4 sockets to plug into any normal pedal without bypass.  True bypass, bypasses both the in and out of a pedal from the signal chain resulting in a perfect straight through connection without anything sucking the tone.  We can also add bypass switches to amps with send and return jacks to allow you to switch in and out your pedal board.


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