While the internet is a wonderful place of Trolls, social media posts about cats and the ability to be a keyboard warrior expert you probably get the gist we're not hugely excited when we get calls saying "I've read on a forum" or "I asked a forum what you told me and they said that your wrong".

If you chose a new perfume from an advert you saw on TV alone I wonder how many times you were disappointed that this spray didn't smell like a dark stranger tall handsome stranger on horseback majestically heading off into the sunset, or whatever that is supposed to be like....  "i read on a forum it'll be amazing after this mod" - hmmm 

Some classic examples include the time somebody brought in their amp and even brought the print out of the forum conversation stating that you should set the valve biasing to x amount and it'll sound amazing.....  Yes amazing for about half a second before it burns up from having the bias set to about 5 time that of what the valves can handle.

We've also applied mods for tonal benefit that was 'read' to make an amp sound better, unfortunately the ears of the keyboard warrior writing their expert war and peace novel online about the amazing 'mods' they do, obviously didn't have the same ear as that of the customer who was adamant that we carried out the mod wrong and that it doesn't sound how it was described online.. 


Don't get me wrong we do mods, simple tone mods, PPMIV volume controls, effects sends and returns however don't get offended when your telling us as experienced electronics engineers that you've read on a forum that this mod will reinvent the wheel.  Unfortunately many good mods are simply modifying small elements to enhance certain elements and not change the amp from a few £100's sounding amp up to a £5000+ sounding amp, its simply not going to happen by a simple 'HACK'


Ok so this post is probably the most sarcastically written article on this site, for good reason too.  We have nothing against modifying amplifiers and we even have some of our own mods to enhance sections of amps, but please please please understand that for a mod to be carried out, it will often have an effect on tone and or function unless a very complicated change is happening whereby it'll probably be uneconomical to do so and pointless.  It's also common place where forums are concerned that there are very few very knowledgeable electronics minded people that use them, let alone post on, mainly for the fact if they're good they'll be inundated with enquiries for work, often forums are places of passed down information that can dilute and become a but fuzzy on detail and exact results and measurements.

If a Marshall was made to sound more like a Fender on clean, and more distorted like a Mesa, Marshall would have made it like that.  There is a certain level of respect needed to be given in why amps have their function such as they do, the designers spend much time trying different drives, distortions, EQ to get it right for their signature sound.  

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