Fender Mods

Some modifications we've come up with over the years for Fender amplifiers

The Fender Blues Junior despite being small is a very loud amplifier and benefits hugely from an adjustable bias mod.

 Unfortunately we've seen far too many where the user has changed the output valves and because the amp is known as 'fixed bias' think they can just change out without any readjustment because there is no adjustment..

Ever Fender Blues Junior we've seen through the door has a biasing set at between 30% and 60% higher than the Nominal setpoint that valves are usually biased to based upon plate voltage and power using ohms law.


It's straightforward to add a biasing trim control.  

We would advise that this is carried out by an experienced person such as ourselves due to the high voltages present on the PCB.  There is also a very high chance of damaging the output valves and possibly transformers if the mod isn't carried out correct or you short out a solder pad.



Turning a single channel (clean / over drive) HRD into a dual clean channel amplifier mod by us at sickamps 

We have had a great success with modifying Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amps taking on board the Michael Landau version adding a few extra features and changing some of the paths to operate smoothly.

Let the truth be known people love the clean sound of a Fender amp but generally detest the overdrive sound, leaving it sludgy and rough.  The Hot Rod Deville can fairly easily be modified to have two clean switchable channels to provide options for you to add your own effects after.

Essentially the amp loses the drive channel, and becomes Volume 2.  The bright switch will affect both channels, more drive gives a little mid boost to both channels and the channel switch switches between the two volumes.

This gives your new Hot Rod a single channel dual volume amplifier with brightness and boost functions on both channels.

In addition to the original Michael Landau we keep in the main master control which enables you to still maintain a decent level either loud or quiet. 

Additional modifications 


Twin channel - Using the above mod to create two clean volume controls on a single channel amp we can rewire to provide a twin clean channel with 2 inputs.


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