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If you live in Welwyn Garden City and have broken you guitar amplifier or need your bass amp repaired give us a try.  We are bordering West Essex in Harlow and are only 20 minutes down the A414 and can repair your amps at our workshop Roydon side of Harlow. If you're closer to Hatfield Harlow has great motorway links on the M11 which links direct to the M25 and will swiftly get you to us for all kinds of musical equipment repair including pianos and mixing desks.


Browse our website for the kind of repairs we carry out on musical equipment,  get in touch using the contact page for all questions. Vintage and modern amplifier repairs are dealt with on a daily basis and we fix all kinds of crackles pops and blown electronics.


For cost ideas click here, then get in contact with us via our online easy to fill out form and we'll be in touch.