About me as an electronics repairer and technician

Hi I'm Chris, owner of Sickamps.  I am the key person who carries out all repairs in the workshop.  Sound engineer and project manager for exhibitions and other live events.  I keep my toes dipped in live festivals and the music scene however more often than not you can find me repairing old valve amps and fighting with electric pianos! 


Work as an industrial electrician before repairing guitar amps

An ex industrial electrician licensed at one point of switching HV switchboard distribution units I then proceeded into industrial electronics design, fabrication and repairs.  Taking elements of PLC and inverter control technology and redesigning it into something better designed and more reliable.  I designed and built a ratio counter divider controller that was running for several years and was in charge of controlling a machine that made up to 180 beer bottles a minute, comprising interfacing to existing equipment running under a bus of Binary Coded Decimal, using PIC microcontrollers and running of PROTON PIC BASIC.  The system had to divide down a 'bottles per minute' to a ratio for all the inverters to sync to and involved many floating point maths calculations.