We're a popular amplifier repair company in Essex close to Chelmsford by road

Do you have a broken valve amplifier? or have a old bass amp in storage that has developed a crackle? We fix all kinds of amplifiers in Essex. we carry out valve biasing and replacements daily as well as fixing solid state amps including all the lead brands where we're known to the manufacturers as a non authorised repair service centre such as Vox, Marshall, Fender, Orange and am authorised service points for Blackstar, Yamaha and exclusive repair agent for Victory amps.

With a fast turnaround and quality repairs backed by a guarantee with 24/7 web ticket status update you can check wherever you are at any time of day or night on the state of your repair and view your historic repairs with us!


Common repairs include vintage valve amp servicing, biasing and valve replacement

Replacement of broken or crackling valve bases

Has your amp been stored for a while and now its crackling when you turn the volume and tone dials? we can repair this to make it sound like new

 Amplifier repair in Essex valve amps