Electric Pianos and Synth Repair

Being a Yamaha authorised repair agent we have great support network for parts and technical references meaning that we service and repair all Yamaha pianos. We also have great relationships with Korg and Roland for synth repairs and serving.  We are finding that many pianos are brought to us with key issues, intermittent playing, not being velocity sensitive and single or sets of keys playing at full volume, sustain pedal issues where they have broken or had the cables damaged.  Occasionally we get broken keys or complete keys missing that are replaced and can replace dull or Faded screens, rotary selectors that are a bit hit and miss, generally all pianos under 15 years old we can replace all parts and restore them to playing as good as new, cleaning up all the dust and grime from the key beds and polishing the cases.  If you've ever looked at the underside you will notice all the screws on modern pianos, this really eats into the time so we often suggest other low value service options to also carry out while the repair is underway to save you money.


Workshop facilities include space to have a full sized electric stage piano on our test bench for diagnosis.   We can obtain many OEM parts from the main leading brands including Korg, Yamaha, Casio, Technics however sometimes as pianos extend past 10 years parts do start to become obsolete.  We typically find faults are where they interface to the outside world, this includes broken and intermittent keys.  Headphone jacks being broken and power cable issues and sockets.  Typically pianos in excess of £400 in value are worth repairing.  Our costs are higher for piano repairs due to the complexity of the cases and how much they have to be taken apart to get to the parts.  The longest it's taken to get to a component on a synth has been 3 hours and about 200 screws! But usually electric stage pianos have a minimum of 20 screws to separate them!



With electric pianos we often see faults with keys not always responding or loosing their touch velocity control, sticky or broken keys.  These faults often require the membrane switches to be changed and the PCB bed to be cleaned from hair and dirt.  Generally we recommend that if you are experiencing a problem with this kind of fault the best solution is to change all the switches, the majority of the charge is the time to strip down the piano to get access to the key switches and the switches themselves are fairly inexpensive.  We change all key switches as if one is failing then generally the rest will be used the same amount and are likely to fail at the same point.

Other faults we see include USB sockets damaged from people tripping over the cables, PSU sockets and jack cables. Basically all the parts accessible to the outside world!  It's rare to get faults with screens and CPU failure.  Unfortunately if the CPU or memory have failed we're unlikely to be able to repair it as we are a general repairer and would advise you get in touch with the manufacture.