DJ equipment

DJ decks and mixers can be subjected to quite some abuse.  From hard core scratchers exerting lots of pressure to decks both CD and Vinyl through to drink spillages often from sugary and acidic drinks which can play havoc with electronics.  Our repair service for DJ's is generally for the higher end brands mainly due to cost and value for repair.  It's often found that cheaper equipment for example a mixing desk under £200 the level of support for spares and electronic drawings is much less than that of more expensive brands and this can be reflected in our willingness to take on repairs.


 Technics 1210 Phono cable upgrade  1210 S arm repair, damaged height adjuster  DJ mixing desk service & Repair   Customisation of colours for vinyl decks  


Our services are not exclusive to but include, Repairs, Modifications, Upgrades, Customisation 


If you require servicing or a repair, head over to our repair section, create a ticket and let us get you back up and running in no time! 

1210 upgrade phono cables, hand made in Harlow Essex

We stock a wide array of cables and connectors to make you custom lengths, and custom ends.  

Raise a support ticket

Raising a support ticket with the workshop is the fastest means to get your equipment repaired. Its quick free and easy to do. You can view past repairs and raise new ones once you have an account.