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Insurance reports

If you've had equipment damaged and need to make an insurance claim, we're able to compile an insurance report to explain to the insurance company the likely repair costs to get your equipment back up running again.  Sometimes claims handlers and justifiers require an independent review of the equipment which is where we come in.  We are non biased and provide a true likeness fairly accurate cost for what it would cost us to repair back to a working condition.  The insurance company will then decide if the repair is viable or of a replacement may be cheaper.



We'll inspect any piece of professional musical equipment including pianos, DJ equipment, professional PA amps, mixers, instrument amplifiers.


For insurance companies to accept costs we compile an official workshop report, this contains amongst other things the item(s) with serial numbers and part numbers, we provide a visual observation, workshop observation as well as customer reported fault.  This is all backed up with images of the damage.