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Bass amplifier repairs vintage, modern valve and transistor

For all the bass heads (and combos) repairs and speaker replacements


There are repairs we do all the time for amplifiers, these include sorting out crackles from dry joints on PCBs, excessive humming, broken jack inputs, output valve rebiasing and replacing broken valves, crackling or not working pots and controls. 

More complicated repairs are when there has been a fire in the amplifier and many parts need changing including transformers, rebuilding of PCB damaged tracks, faultfinding of class AB output amplifiers blow FET and MOSFET stages.

Most of the faults we see are as a result of general wear and tear, with the majority of faults being more noticeable when the amps are running hot in both valve and transistor.  


Bass amplifiers take much more abuse than guitar amplifiers.  To create the same bass tune at the same volume as a guitar riff takes much more power to move a larger speaker.  Many bass amplifiers we see for repair have shaken themselves to pieces.  Often it starts with the transformer, then the PCB wires shear off, we had a spate of one brand where the transformers started rattling around and all caught fire!  We'll repair all kinds of solid state and valve bass amplifiers from our Harlow based workshop.  

Generally our services only include repair however we have carried out a small amount of modifications.  We will consider all modifications however if you appear with a forum related modification we think is unacceptable or will not deliver what you expect please do not be offended if we decline to modify.



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