Shure 4 piece drum microphone set


4 piece drum microphone set an ideal starter for drum recording using Shure quality sound. Hire this set for recording and live.

A quality Shure microphone set ideal for live drum amplification or for recording and can be rented daily 


The set contains:


Shure Beta 52 big head dynamic bass drum

3x Shure SM57 small dynamic head microphones for snare/ Toms

3x Rim clips to clamp to the drum rims with a standard microphone clip on.

All supplied in a plastic foam case


To rent a full set-up for recording drums you may wish to consider stands, overhead mics and Hi Hat mics which we also stock.  If you need help in compiling your hire requirements please get in touch and we will help you rent for the perfect drum sound. 

Day Rate £28
Weekend Rate £35


CM19 5QE, Essex

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