Hughes & Kettner repairs we've carried out

Like a love story, Mr Hughes an audio perfectionist on the quest to obtain the richest fullest and punchiest sound met Mr Kettner an engineering genius who had the ambition to create the smallest amplifier yet deliver power, the match was made.... we've read this from the website and have not made it up! they describe it much more dramatically but we've not got the time to digest it so summarised it. The love was sparked in 1984  and the rest was history.  

This quality design and engineering is evident when we repair H&K amplifiers.  We don't see many and most faults are due to wear and tear such as the following: 


Fixing crackly pots 

Replacing capacitors causing hum

repairing intermittent problems with amp breaking down

Re valving and biasing 

Repairing broken amplifier IC's

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