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Chauvet Battery & Wireless uplight Hex 4
Chauvet Battery & Wireless uplight Hex 4

Chauvet Freedom par hex battery uplights featuring Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White + UV LED chips with a 20 hour battery life and DMX'able makes for the perfect fast deployment safe colour light rental.


Our collection of Chauvet Freedom Hex battery uplights are perfectly suited for uplighting walls at weddings, lighting drum kits up and we've even used for lighting music video sets as they are really bright and because they have dedicated amber and white LED chips means we can dial in a pretty accurate white light like a normal tungsten or halogen stage light but without the heat, or need for power proving popular for music videos in barns or farms where there isn't always power available.  

The lights can be supplied individually or as a set of 12 and is provided with all the charging cables, an infra red remote, and we can add an additional DMX controller if you wanted to set all the lights to be the same.


Presets include 52 different shades of colour, 100% individual control over each colour setting, strobe and flashing setting, as well as flashing sound to light and slow colour fade programs.


These are very popular lights to hire and rent for wedding venues because they are wireless take next to no time to deploy plus they do not have and trailing cables which could become a trip hazard.

Starting From £ 25.00 per Day

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