Service Centre Status for amp repairs

Service centre status allows us to provide you with original manufacture parts and use original service manuals to repair your equipment back to as new state. It means we get to bypass UK distributor network and can order and talk directly to the manufacturers.

 Blackstar amplifiers service centre repairs we have carried out

We're pleased to say we are a Blackstar approved repair centre meaning we have access to up to date schematics and service documents.  

We can repair all Blackstar amps including valve and transistor from the small HT series right the way.

Popular repairs include Blackstar heads and combo units.


If you need help in getting your Blackstar fixed and repaired to play again please raise a ticket for our workshop!

Yamaha service centre, electric pianos and amplifiers we have repaired

We're please to have been approved and accepted for Yamaha musical electronics, we're able to order parts for pianos and amplifiers however they do come directly from manufacturer so can take a while. 

Yamaha repairs include Clavinova range and all other digital pianos such as P60, P90's

Yamaha power amplifiers and mixers repairing and replacing missing knobs.

Common problems for pianos include one or several keys playing at full volume all the time or losing their velocity sensitivity.  This is due to the membrane rubber contacts and is a straightforward repair.


Please get in touch with us by raising a ticket for all Yamaga repairs 


Peavey Service centre and amps we have repaired

Using one of Peavey's main parts network we are able to offer you original parts and have access to an online portal for spares and parts.


Peavey repairs include older power amp mixers commonly found in smaller rehearsal studios.

Peavey guitar amplifiers, and keyboard amps

Raise a support ticket

Raising a support ticket with the workshop is the fastest means to get your equipment repaired. Its quick free and easy to do. You can view past repairs and raise new ones once you have an account.